British Museum


Das British Museum ist eines der größten und bedeutendsten kulturgeschichtlichen Museen der Welt. Innenhof Design von Norman Foster, das Dach ist eien Stahl-Glas-Konstruktion. Impressive it is.


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a post for JAPAN


Help Japan |



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Sundae for Sessùn


Sundae is a french graphic designer, dj and music producer. He’s the graphic designer of the Sessun catalogue, one of my favourite brands. Pictures with kind permission from Sundae.






158 Regent Street
131-141 King’s Road
It’s not only the art nouveau – building and spaces i like so much, but also Anthropologie offers a one-of-a-kind and compelling shopping experience.
Innovative, artfully, good design, soulfully, clever details, fine craftmanship.

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Impressionen vom Skitouren


Skitouren in den Stubaier Alpen und im schönen Sellrain.

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big EYE | London


who built this wheel this real wonder wheel – it rocks me up it rocks me down it rocks me upside down..

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streets of LONDON


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