Mark & Sally Bailey

Mark & Sally Bailey have been evolving their unique style for over 30 years, both in their home and their business, Baileys Home Store, which is based in the Herefordshire countryside. Their backgrounds in architecture, interiour design, and furniture making have led to collaborations with the music and fashion industries, retailers and in product design.

The things they sell are a surprising mix of vintage and new from a variety of sources – they all share the qualities integral to their rescue, repair, reuse and rethink philosophy.  So they for example – as i always also love to to – reuse unloved bits and pieces that they find on their travels, and give them a new lease of life. That is a version of recycling! When they are not rescueing and recycling, they design simple and usefull products.

“Recycled Homes” is the name of their first book. In this beautiful book they share their passion for the simple, honest and well made things in life. Here they demonstrate some key components, including Tones & Textures, Furniture & Storage, Walls  & Floors, Lighting, Display and Textiles.  “Simple Home”, their second  book, is calm and uncluttered. Each item is carefully chosen, it is sustainable and stylish. In their third book, “Handmade Home”, they turn their attention to the inspirational real-life homes of artists, craftspeople and designers or those who collect their work, talking about colour, textures, textiles, handmade objects, made with love, that have become the inspiration for decorative schemes full of originality and soul. All three books are just wonderful…

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