knitted lamps for cosy fall/winter days

The design page CASAMANIA  distributes this very nice lamps from Pudelskern.
That’s what they write about them: “Winters can be harsh in the Alps with lots of snow and the need of cosy interiors. The design of the pendant lamp “Granny”  is a direct response to the climatic challenges of cold winters with its long tradition of gatherings in living rooms around the fireplace, where grannies used to knit while telling stories. Pure natural wool from sheep bred on green alpine pastures in the remote valleys of the Tyrol.  For “Granny” thick woollen threads are used to produce a raw yet cosy surface. The threads are produced by a family business in the Tyrol, with each lamp hand-knitted by a collective of home-based workers in the Netherlands.
A natural treatment is applied, making the wool flame resistant and  resistant to moth and mite infestation. Pudelskern revives centuries of cultural history and shapes them into new forms. A rough and impressive landscape is woven into living objects”.

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You walk up and down (as it is kind of hilly) one of the bigger streets of Södermalm, leading exactly through the middle  – Götgatan –  and there are really not much cars, but everybody walking or riding their bike..The side roads are very wavy too. It’s just a lovely atmosphere. The autumnal light in Sweden is a dream. I went to the “Grandpa” shop and it was full of charming design, vintage and awesome furniture. I carried on to H&M to check out what the origin store offers..Haha. I should probably check out Ikea too?


Hey from Stockholm | Gamla Stan and Södermalm

Heyhey från Sverige. Stockholm is so beautiful. Only too less time to see much, but thanks to Emmas Guide to Stockholm i know where i need to go…. so tack i say. The city is constructed on fourteen islands.  Some impressions from Gamla Stan, Europes biggest and best preserved medieval city cores with the royal castle and the national church. The picture below leads from Gamlas Stan to the trendy district of Södermalm with lots of creative shops, fashion, design, antiques, galleries, cafés, music and much more. Definitely one of my favorite islands..

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Jackie Paper for Bindewerk

The pictures are a little selection from Jackie Paper’s very pretty paper-products.

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layers | France

Die Cevennen, eine Gebirgsregion im Süden Frankreichs,  gehören als südlicher Ausläufer des Zentralmassivs zu den französischen Mittelgebirgen.  Sie liegen ca. 100 Kilometer nordwestlich von Avignon und sind eine Mischung aus Bergmassiven und extrem trockenen Hochplateaus. Der Mont Aigoual (1567 m) ist wohl der bekannteste Gipfel dieser Region.

Diese Bilder sind entstanden zwischen den Ortschaften Sumene, Ganges und  St Hypolite du Fort, inmitten von Kastanienbäumen und wildem Rosmarin…. wunderbarem Blick auf die Berge…. .



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Autumn is definitely here now. Innsbruck in October

Little visit in Innsbruck for my studies to be finished soon.. Colours, mountains, first snow i saw!! Caught Mademoiselle et Monsieur again, getting older too..


autumnal colours inside..

Autumnal colours not only in Berlin. Visit from U&V end of September. Blüschen von COS, Rock Marie Morenz.