golden pillar & rock’n water


powerful & golden. The pillar was photographed at Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok. Find some more informations about the Royal Palace -> here.

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smoking man | Cambodia 2013

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i just saw this picture of mine hanging in a friends apartment for his 30th birthday. It reminds me of a great walk through rough nature in Cambodia.

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street food monday | fruity


mangos are the best

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DSC_0129 DSC_0897

Children playing in their school break in a small village in the very North of Thailand. Kids riding the bicycle back from school in Angkor Wat | Cambodia.

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this guy

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this funky guy was a present from Asia. Now he’s doing a pretty good job as a sweet object for trying out my new D7100 and the fixed focal length.

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presents from Africa and Indonesia


from my brother and his girlfriend.

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Street food monday


this woman cooks yummy fish in banana leaves. Vietnam 2013.

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