how music travels

Why not visit the birthplace of your favourite genre and follow the actual journey various music genres have taken as one style developed into another..?

To make it easier to trace the threads of music history, Thomson has created an interactive map detailing the evolution of western dance music over the last 100 years. The map shows the time and place where each of the music styles were born and which blend of genres influenced the next. Check out the grafic of the interactiv music map HERE

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    hello there.
    hmmm, in the beginning i did a lot for this blog. Now i have so many pictures from my travels and creative work, that i just post some once in a while. Usually i often had the time to run some projects, such as screen printing or sewing…now i’m very busy with my job and wish i’d have more time for this. However i’ll defenitely find time once in a while as i always get inspired by the nice things :-)
    I wish you good luck with your blog. Lovely greetz from Germany, Amelie

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