Mekong trading | Vietnam


Floating markets can be found in most provinces of the Mekong Delta. This type of markets have existed for a long time in the region. Farmers sell their goods on their small boats from one boat to another. Besides selling, they also trade: some watermelons for some pinapples for example. The boats gather togehther at several places on the river to sell fruits and vegetables, such as pineapple, dragon fruit, water melon, yam and gabbage. You can also find garden tools, crafts and Vietnemese breakfast (rice noodles and Coffee). The boats are often overloaded with products, so it sometimes looks like they would capsize. Especially in the rainy season, were it rains tons of water onto the boats.. A floating market usually starts before dawn – 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning and ends when the sun rises high, at about 9. The pictures above are from a floating market near to the city Can Tho. A trip on the Mekong is simply impressive, not only for the floating markets, but also to experience life around the river and small water arids.

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