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We visited the first 3D house, being printed in the heart of Amsterdam! 3D Print Canal House is an open building lab, where you can experience live large 3D printing! The house is being designed and printed by DUS architects in cooperation with an international team of partners, collaborating in research, design, construction and comunity.

You’ll find an indoor and outdoor expo area, drawings and models explain about the building process. You’ll learn about new innovations, bio-based material – as the aim is to print with sustainable and biological origin material, maybe such as wood and stone -, samples and new construction techniques . You can see small 3D printer, printing architectural models and the big portable 3D printer, “Kamermaker”, printing pieces from the house in big size. It’s very fascinating. 3D printing can have huge implications for the way we fabricate things – for example the elimination of waste, transport costs and standardisation of elements.

I am a little indecisive about this theme of printing houses, but on the other hand kinda excited how this project is going to turn out and what other, more natural materials will be printable in the future..

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    wow this is crazy shit..

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