steel spiral & pillar & rock’n water


powerful & golden. The pillar was photographed at Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok. The Palace was the official residence of the king until the middle of the 20st century. The palace complex has a combined area of 218,400 square metres (about 2,6 km²), surrounded by four walls. It is made up of numerous temples, halls, pavilions set around open lawns, gardens and courtyards. The most important temple is ‘Wat Phra Kaeo’, the temple of Emerald Buddha (Smaragd-Buddha).

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smoking man | Cambodia 2013

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i just saw this picture of mine hanging in a friends apartment for his 30th birthday. It reminds me of a great walk through rough nature in Cambodia.

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street food monday | fruity


mangos are the best

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DSC_0129 DSC_0897

Children playing in their school break in a small village in the very North of Thailand. Kids riding the bicycle back from school in Angkor Wat | Cambodia.

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this guy

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this funky guy was a present from Asia. Now he’s doing a pretty good job as a sweet object for trying out my new D7100 and the fixed focal length.

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Street food monday


this woman cooks yummy fish in banana leaves. Vietnam 2013.

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things from above


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