EyesOpenForTheNiceLittleThings is my way to combine my interest in the beautiful, pure things, creativity, colours, patterns, textiles, design, interiors, architecture, photography, arts, nature and all sort of inspiration.

I am 33 years old – born and raised in Stuttgart/Germany in a beautiful big family. Starting my studies in 2004 in Cologne, I soon moved to the Austrian mountains/Innsbruck to enjoy another passion of mine, namely my keen interest in the mountain sports of all kind. Meanwhile i am living and getting inspired in Berlin. I used to be on the move quite often, not only to discover all the nice little things, but also to meet different people as well as getting to know foreign cultures. Getting inspired to cut the matter short. Now i’m about to set up my freelance work. Finishing by studies of educational science & psychology in 2013, i started deepening my own studies in the field of  health promotion in early childhood institutions, hold quality checks and give advice. Besides that there will be a creative project coming up soon! I am always excited what’s gonna happen in the near future..

Suggestions, ideas, critics or praise is most welcome, so feel free to contact me via email:

Enjoy | Amelie